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Financial advice is what we do but the Direct Advisers difference is about the relationships we have developed with our clients over the years.

We are proud of the peace of mind we have been able to achieve for our clients, whatever their financial situation and stage of life.

Thank you to our clients who have so generously provided their feedback to us.

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What our clients say

Thank you for all of your input, support, and brilliant advice.

I am still overwhelmed by the process that our mature population is subjected to in resolving and finalising their assessments, assets, and payments.

We are so glad we found you. It has set our minds at ease that our selected professional advisers are you and your team. Your attentive and generous services to mum, are greatly appreciated. Legends!


After working with Ursula through some significant changes in my life…. I can now make my choices based on what makes me happy and not what makes me money – and THAT is freedom”.


My wife and I have been with Direct Advisers for over 16 years, and we have been retired for over 12 years and in that time, Ursula has managed our portfolio through the GFC, and now Covid, all without us having to worry about making those difficult decisions. We have trusted her advice all these years and we look forward to many more years with this very professional company.


Following a disappointing experience with our previous financial adviser, Direct Advisers gave us confidence and our portfolio is now in a positive position. The team at Direct Advisers is very professional, the staff is very friendly and obliging. The Investment Portfolio Reviews are conducted in a very personal but extremely professional manner.


After 28 years and 9 months with your firm (and I can still remember my first interview with Peter), I have the utmost faith in your firm, and that concerns over my golf handicap and how to improve my Bridge play kept me awake at night much more than any concerns over financial matters.


Direct Advisers have provided excellent services to me for the past 10 years. The office is a haven! In a world of rapidly changing rules in relation to financial matters for seniors, I know I can trust Ursula and her team. The peace of mind in knowing that Direct Advisers is managing all the complexities and regulatory issues for me is priceless.


Thank you so much for your assistance. I couldn’t have navigated these waters without you.


What our clients say

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