Our Philosophy

Our aim is to understand your situation, needs and objectives, so that we can tailor an appropriate strategy that fits you.
We see ourselves as advisers working for you, not sellers of financial products working for a financial institution. Our methodology is to develop appropriately tailored strategies before selecting investments.
We aim to maintain an optimal balance between the level of risk and level of return. Our philosophy does not seek to eliminate risk, but rather enhances your investment returns by retaining an appropriate level of risk, consistent with your personal objectives.
The objective of the Direct Advisers investment philosophy is to achieve above average investment returns consistently with below average volatility, over a five year period. We base our investment recommendations on a long-term outlook, typically at least five years, and accordingly these recommendations are strategic in nature.
Direct Advisers places strong emphasis on understanding and managing change, whether this be economic change, regulatory change, market change or changes in your own personal circumstances. As well as this, we continually review investments, asset classes and markets.