September 20, 2017

Generation – A Poem

Generation by Ron Le Pla When a nations short of volunteers and numbers in decline, A selfish generation says, “we just don’t have the time. It’s sad to see so many groups, have fallen by the way, When we lose all our volunteers, then someone has to pay. A country built on mateship, to give someone a hand, Is changing at a rapid rate, it’s hard to understand. Wasting time on facebook, with useless show and tell, Broadcast all their private life, who cares, so what the hell. Buying stuff that’s trendy, to keep up with the mob, A cost […]
September 20, 2017

Investing as a couple: the power of two

Self-managed super fund trustees could be described as forerunners for couples to save and invest together for retirement. Couples would make up the vast majority of members in these multi-members SMSFs, which, in turn make up the vast majority of SMSFs. Almost 70 per cent of SMSFs in 2014-15 had two members while another 8 per cent had three or four members, according to the tax office’s SMSF statistical report – March 2017 (the latest available). Superannuation law does not allow joint super accounts. Yet independent consultants and actuaries Rice Warner points out that self-managed super provides a “proxy for joint super”. […]
September 20, 2017

The great Australian (retiree) dream

The very high level of debt-free home ownership among current Australian retirees helps counterbalance their low average super savings, undoubtedly contributing to any sense of financial security. A recent Vanguard research paper, Retirement transitions in four countries, found that that 59 per cent of Australia’s recent retirees surveyed believe they are highly satisfied with their current financial situation. This compares with 24 per cent with a medium level of satisfaction and 32 per cent with a low satisfaction level. In surveys of thousands of pre-retirees and recent retirees in Australia, US, UK and Canada, researchers recorded a marked improvement in financial […]