December 1, 2016


We would like to wish you, your family and friends a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Our office will close for the Christmas break at midday on Wednesday December 21 and will reopen on Tuesday January 3. As these days Christmas appears to be more of a retail festival than a religious event, and while it can be a season of joy for many, it is a time of stress or loneliness for others, here  are five ways to give your Christmas a makeover: Have an “Orphan’s Christmas”. If you have neighbours who live alone or don’t have family nearby, why not […]
November 24, 2016

Older, wiser, more realistic

It may be inevitable, but growing older is not a lot of fun. Still, there is some comfort in numbers – after all, the whole world is ageing. The latest Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index puts the notion of ageing populations into a worldwide perspective. For instance, in 2010, there was one person aged over 65 per 4.7 people of working age across the 27 countries measured in this index. By 2040, that ratio is expected to double, with fewer workers compared to a greater number of ‘over-65s’, with residents in those countries living an average of four years by […]
November 17, 2016

What the US Election Means for Investors

Instant Reaction The financial markets responded to the news of the U.S. presidential election. The Mexican peso soared, then plunged; European currencies and gold bullion rose; and Japan’s Nikkei Index plummeted. (Then again, the Nikkei plummets  pretty much every month.) Should investors take action? Hindsight urges yes. Under the Reagan presidency, fierce anti-inflation policies tamed inflation that had been sabotaging asset prices for the previous 15 years. Treasury bonds enjoyed their best performance in forever, and stocks kicked off a historic bull market. The contrast with the Ford/Carter years was dramatic. Wall Street was reinvigorated and tens of millions of Americans […]