Ursula Boorman


August 2, 2017

Smart ways to stretch retirement money

Just think that in early June 2008, the Reserve Bank’s cash rate stood at 7.25 per cent. Now fast forward nine years to early June 2017 and Australia’s current cash rate is 1.5 per cent. And just think of the impact of falling interest rates on the many retirees who may have become accustomed before the GFC aftermath to financing their retirement from the interest and yields generated by their portfolios. Numerous retirees – as well as the swelling numbers of investors on the eve of retirement – are still struggling to adjust their expectations and practices for a low-interest […]
July 26, 2017

New financial year strategies and resolutions

A smart way to begin the new financial year is to make sure your personal finances are in the best possible shape for 2017-18 and beyond. Ideally, your new year personal financial strategies and resolutions should include your super and non-super investment portfolios, retirement-saving strategies and, critically, your personal debt control. With personal finances, it is often a matter of resolving to improve your position and then setting strategies in place to achieve your objectives. And a new financial year can act as a useful psychological prompt to act. Here are a few pointers for 2017-18: Understand how super changes […]
July 26, 2017

Why grey mortgage debt is rising

Greater longevity would also have made some of us more comfortable about carrying debt into older ages than in the past. Ideally, we would enter retirement with our home mortgages paid off and completely free of any other kind of debt. In theory at least, this may enable us to use our retirement savings to fully or partly finance our retirement. Yet many retirees reach common retirement ages with outstanding mortgages and other debts. This leads to the inevitable question: How is the debt to be repaid? A wide-reaching research paper*, Inquiry into housing policies, labour force participation and economic growth, […]