Ursula Boorman


February 7, 2018

New Year resolutions, New Year strategies

Stop procrastinating. These two words can provide an excellent starting point for investors who are determined to set meaningful resolutions and strategies for 2018 and beyond. Behavioural economists have long warned that the common traits of procrastination and inertia can be highly detrimental to investors. Most of us would recognise the long-term rewards of setting realistic investment goals, creating an appropriately-diversified portfolio and saving more for retirement. Yet even with the best intentions, we may never quite get around to it. In short, we procrastinate and waste opportunities to improve our chances of investment success. Each of the following points […]
February 7, 2018

Shifting the dial on super

It is about now when those well-intentioned New Year resolutions start to come under pressure. The summer holidays are behind us, schools are back and the rhythm of life is returning to a familiar routine. The bigger, bolder ambitions for the New Year are often the first to fall by the wayside simply because of the level of difficulty. But instead of thinking big and bold what would the impact be of making a small change. Nothing radical, more of an adjustment than a rewrite of your lifestyle. It is probably safe to assume that not too many people had […]
November 29, 2017

‘If only I had a second chance’

No matter our age, most of us would probably look back on some aspects of our lives and say to ourselves: “If only I could do that again; if only I had a second chance”. This, of course, tends to occur quite frequently in regards to our investing and saving. Often, we regret not giving enough attention in the past to our personal financial planning, not beginning to invest regularly from early in our working lives and not adequately diversifying our portfolios. And most of us probably have made investments that we wouldn’t have touched in hindsight. Just think about […]