Ursula Boorman


October 20, 2016

A certain strategy for an uncertain market

Mark Twain was a great author but ‘stupendously incompetent’ when it came to investing, according to a feature in Time magazine earlier this year. Twain lost a fortune on an array of 19th-century start-ups based on such products as a steam pulley, a magnetic telegraph, a protein powder that “could end famine” and an engraving process. And the creator of such characters as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer lost money on railway stocks while rejecting an opportunity to invest in Bell Telephone – despite owning one of America’s first residential phones. Yet his gift with words enabled him to describe […]
October 13, 2016

Pondering presidential market impacts

Stock markets are pretty efficient at processing new information. Shocks, naturally, are unwelcome and it can take some time for markets to rationally analyse and understand the impacts of particular geopolitical events. Take the Brexit vote for example. On the day the vote was announced (June 24) the Australian sharemarket fell 3 per cent while the broader global sharemarket index was down even further. Three weeks later the Australian market was up 3 per cent and while the global market index did not recover as strongly it was at least back into positive territory. The initial surprise of the vote […]
September 1, 2016

Tax-smart investing

One of the most practical ways that investors can help keep their returns as high as possible in a low-interest environment without taking additional risks is to ensure that their investment taxes are managed as efficiently as possible. Indeed, ensuring the efficient management of investment taxes is largely under an investor’s control – unlike numerous other aspects about investing. As a matter of everyday practice, investors should concentrate on what they can control rather than on what they can’t control. And efficiently dealing with tax falls firmly into the under-my-control basket. While tax shouldn’t dominate investment decisions, as financial planners […]